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Our team brings together highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate minds, so meet the team behind WAY Trustees Limited.

Meet The Team | Paul Wilcox | WAY Group

Paul Wilcox

Paul is joint founder and Chairman of WAY Group who, in collaboration with Nick Chadwick, had the vision, many years ago, to develop personal trust services, specifically to manage family assets in the most effective manner possible and on an inter-generational basis. The ambition being to give families unprecedented security via the creation of segregated, tax-protected, stores of family assets.

Paul Wilcox

Richard Green

Joint founder and Non-Executive Director of WAY Group, Richard was a long-serving director of Jardine’s in Hong Kong before returning to the UK in 1996 to jointly found WAY Group with Paul Wilcox, his brother-in-law. Richard has a wealth of general senior executive experience and is a valuable sounding board for the WAY team.

Paul Wilcox

Nick Chadwick

Shareholder and adviser to WAY Group. A highly venerated leader in the field of Inheritance Tax mitigation strategies over many decades. Nick worked closely with Paul Wilcox in 2003 to devise a personal trust precedent which was successfully aimed at the twin objectives of being highly tax-effective, as well as flexible enough to allow trustees to manage trust assets for the benefit of any chosen beneficiaries at any times that circumstances dictate.

Paul Wilcox

David Andrews

David is a former national newspaper editor and writer – past roles include The Daily Express International Business Editor, Conde Nast columnist, Sunday Times contributor and Sunday Express business reporter/ news editor. He is a well-known commentator on financial issues. He has been a WAY Group collaborator for many years advising on matters such as distribution strategies.

Paul Wilcox

Joanna Ciuk

A graduate with a further Master’s in Accounting, gained in Poland, 20 years’ experience in accounting and general management. Joanna is both financial gatekeeper for WAY Group and an enthusiastic management accountant, whose analytical skills are central to managing the business. Joanna also performs a general management role across the business.

Paul Wilcox

Gemma Houghton

Gemma is Head of Marketing at WAY Group with responsibility for marketing, brand development and PR management. Prior to joining WAY Group, she worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies in both B2B and B2C environments. A proactive marketeer, with contemporary views on modern marketing techniques, she spearheads taking our personal trust business to an expanded and fully-national audience.

Paul Wilcox

Kevin Barker

Our senior trust manager. He is a highly qualified trust and estate professional, with more than 20 years’ experience of wide-ranging trustee operations. He has been more than eight years with WAY Group. He previously handled all varieties of personal trusts within a trust department for one of the major banking groups.

Paul Wilcox

Paula Convery

Paula joined WAY Group more than five years ago, bringing extensive experience as a senior administrator, where she demonstrated important skills across general financial accounting and taxation areas. She also arrived with excellent team management and organisational skills.

Paul Wilcox

Rabea Wullner

Rabea is a skilled and experienced trust administrator, having been with WAY Group for more than a dozen years. Our team also benefits from her previous five years’ experience as a compliance auditor within her previous role within a national financial services organisation.

Paul Wilcox

Thomas Digan

Tom is a recent law graduate. He brings both up-to-date legal knowledge, along with his youthful energy and creativity. He is currently studying for his STEP diploma to cement his position within our team. We look forward to his substantial and increasing contribution over the years ahead.


John Humphreys

Joining WAY Group in 2003, John has over 30 years’ financial services experience and assists firms in the North of the UK to mitigate IHT and preserve family wealth.


Mark Wintle

With four years with WAY Group and 25 years of industry focus on wealth protection and family estate planning, Mark assists advisers across the South of the UK.