As the head of the Trust department, I oversee the management of our Trusts, with a focus on enhancing the legacies under our stewardship for future generations.

What truly drives me is the joy derived from working with families. I take pride in orchestrating seamless Trust administration and am constantly thinking of innovative strategies that will shape the future of their wealth management. My overarching goal is to spearhead endeavours that not only protect but actively advance wealth in life’s ever-changing landscape and financial realm.

Professional Background

I embarked on my journey with WAY on a post-graduate programme having left university with a law degree, and have subsequently progressed to the role of Trust Manager. The culmination of my efforts led to a significant milestone in June 2023 when I was appointed as the Director of Trusts on WAY Trustees’ board.

Personal Touch

Beyond my professional life, I live an active and vibrant lifestyle. Engaging in personal fitness routines, spending leisurely hours on the golf course, and fostering meaningful social connections are my favourite activities. When it’s time to unwind, I find solace in podcasts and books.