I began my journey with WAY in 2006, stepping into the world of Financial Services working alongside our Founder and Chairman, Paul Wilcox supporting the development of new business within the advisory marketplace with our innovative approach to estate planning.

Over the years, my career in the industry has taken me through a diverse array of roles, largely centred around wealth preservation. In 2022, I returned to WAY with pride, assuming the helm to steer our team forward into a new era. With over two decades of excellence under our belt, we stand poised to continue our legacy as the guardians of family wealth preservation.

Today, we find ourselves amidst a historic wealth transition between generations. Armed with over 25 years of proven innovation and expertise, I am confident in our pivotal role as a Trusted partner. We are here to guide families through this significant journey, ensuring the best outcomes for all involved.

Professional Background

With nearly two decades of experience in the financial services industry, I’ve traversed both sides of the advice process. From my tenure with specialist service providers, facilitating tailored solutions for financial intermediaries and their clients, to my role as a financial adviser, assisting high-net-worth individuals with an array of needs.

This dual perspective has afforded me valuable insights with an understanding of the enduring aspirations of affluent individuals striving to safeguard their futures and that of their loved ones. As a former financial adviser, intimately acquainted with the demands of meeting these objectives, I recognise the pivotal role service providers play in supporting this endeavour.

Personal Touch

I live in Kent and split my time between our office in Tunbridge Wells and our head office in Dorset. I am a father to 2 children so weekends are busy and often spent on the sidelines of a football pitch, I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or my son! Public Service is important to me and I have been involved with various voluntary projects but currently I hold a position as a School Governor. My ideal day would include some sun, time in the garden and a walk with my wife and the dogs. Not very rock and roll!