I am a management accountant with over two decades of experience in the finance sector. I provide crucial financial insights and advice to the board of directors, fostering a seamless information flow across all business sectors. Prior to joining WAY Group, I worked for auditors, City Hall, and an estate management company, where I successfully led teams and managed diverse projects.

I thrive in collaborative environments with ambitious individuals. The WAY team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, assisting customers in preserving family wealth for future generations. I eagerly anticipate the growth of our team and the provision of not only substantial IHT savings but also invaluable support for those safeguarding their assets amidst dynamic family changes.

Professional Background

Throughout my career, I have crafted comprehensive accounting policies and reporting structures for businesses and EU-funded projects, emphasizing streamlined data extraction and error reduction. My commitment to process improvement has driven the creation and implementation of efficient processes and procedures.

Personal Touch

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, tending to houseplants, and organizing plant swap/sales events in my community. During leisure moments, I indulge in literature, cinema, life drawing, and watercolour painting. Currently, I am focused on the personal challenge of giving myself a timeframe to learn 1000 new Italian words!