Springtime: The smell of freshly cut grass, the picture perfect view of pink cherry blossom against a perfect blue sky and a brand new chapter for WAY – we have a new name! We are delighted to formally announce that our company name has changed from WAY Investment Services Limited to WAY Trustees Limited.

Only experts can make what’s difficult, easy to understand. We feel that the name change to WAY Trustees is simply better reflective of the services we provide. Our desire to provide plain-speaking protection for intergenerational wealth planning has been the cornerstone of our rebrand. You’ll see this demonstrated in our new brochures and across our new websites www.waytrustees.co.uk | www.acrobattrust.co.uk | www.inheritortrust.co.uk | www.waygroup.co.uk.

Not only have we rebranded, in Q3 of 2021 we launched a brand new trust product to the market called Acrobat Trust. The use of the Acrobat Trust by WAY Trustees Limited is the most robust yet flexible family asset protection facility on the market, having been designed specifically with family wealth preservation in mind. It can preserve your client’s family wealth into the far-reaching future of your descendants, thereby securing their legacy and will safeguard the family family from unnecessary IHT in the future.

As WAY Trustees, we will continue to provide robust support to IFA’s, settlors and beneficiaries alike but for your peace of mind, here are a few quick fire questions and answers:

Has the ownership structure changed?

The ownership and management of WAY Trustees Limited remains exactly the same and our goals and commitment to our clients remain unchanged.

How does this impact clients?

Aside from updating your own records to reflect our new name, there are no changes on a day-to-day basis. Our new name will not change the way we do business with you; we are the same legal entity and the name change has no impact to the specific terms of your documents. Documents will be updated with our new name as they come up for renewal.

Has my point of contact changed?

No, you will continue to be supported by your same contacts and all phone numbers remain the same. There is a new email address to take note of: clientservices@waygroup.co.uk which replaces customerservices@wayinvestmensts.com.

Anything else?

WAY Group Limited is an accumulation of over 40 years experience in the financial services sector by founder and CEO of WAY Group Paul Wilcox. Fast forward to today and Paul continues as nominal Chairman of WAY Group, but the highly professional team which has evolved over the years now has its own impeccable reputation. Under the WAY Group family, we focus on the establishment and management of family trusts for the moderately wealthy across the UK via our professional trustee service WAY Trustees Limited.

We have our own trust solutions that are the most flexible yet robust that you will find on the very crowded market. There are two routes to market solutions that we use to do this: the direct to client Acrobat Trust and the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) option called the Inheritor Trust Collection. WAY Trustees is currently responsible for setting up and managing over 1500 individual trusts containing assets of almost £200 million, saving clients many millions of pounds in potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities.

WAY Trustees is a Professional Trustee service that is highly regarded among later life professionals and law firms alike such as STEP – a global professional body specialising in inheritance and succession planning, helping families plan for their futures. Not only does WAY Trustees have one long standing, STEP qualified Trust Manager, we are proud to have a further two team members that are soon-to-be qualified STEP professionals. We have a wonderful testimonial from legal firm Mills & Reeve who specialise in trust work, this can be read here.

We invite you to visit our new websites for any further information www.waytrustees.co.uk | www.acrobattrust.co.uk | www.inheritortrust.co.uk | www.waygroup.co.uk