Location: Corner House Hotel Park Street Taunton TA1 4DQ Taunton, Somerset

When: Wednesday, 6th March 2024

Timings: 8:30am-10:30am

WAY Trustees Estate Planning Event
Places are limited so please book your space here: WAY Estate Planning Event – 6th March – Taunton


Powerful Lifetime Planning Strategies

Discover how by working together, we can ensure the smooth transition of family wealth and how financial security can be secured for future generations.

Do you or your clients have a potential Inheritance Tax liability? Are they concerned about the financial security of their family in an ever-challenging world? Maybe they are starting to consider how best they can preserve family wealth for future generations?

As the boomer generation reach the end of their lives over the next 20 years, an unprecedented amount of family wealth will change ownership.

Whilst this represents an incredible opportunity for advisers and families alike, there is also the reality that much of this will not end up in the hand of those intended, without expert advice and guidance.

Professional advisers working together can achieve better client outcomes, come along to find out how.


By attending, you will be able to:
  • Identify Estate Planning opportunities.
  • Discover flexible planning strategies that can adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Successfully meet client’s objectives through collaboration.
  • Bring peace of mind for families in an economically challenging world.
  • Keeping assets in the family by the effective use of lifetime trusts and family investment companies
  • How to successfully move property and company assets through the generations tax efficiently
  • The effective structuring and planning of clients’ estates to mitigate IHT, to provide asset protection for the next generations and to ring-fence assets against outside influences
  • The importance of putting in place the key building blocks of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney to support all successful tax and estate planning strategies
  • How effective planning can ensure the professional advisor can retain their client base upon the passing of the current client


Lister Langley Limited

A regulated legal practise specialising in providing advanced tax and estate planning solutions to private clients and corporate entities.


WAY Trustees Limited

A Professional Trustee Service alongside a unique range of flexible trust solutions which can overcome the dilemma of giving away too much too soon whilst removing the complexities of administering and managing a trust.


Your speakers:


Mark Lister –

Solicitor and Director of Lister Langley Limited with over 20 years experience in the legal profession. Mark has vast experience of tax planning structures in the UK and Internationally, will discuss the foundations of a good estate plan, through to advanced tax and estate planning solutions for private clients and corporate entities.


Peter Hewitt –

RFM Consulting Ltd. Peter has over 47 years + in the Finance advising industry specialising in tax, investments and trusts, an Ambassador to WAY Trustees Ltd promoting WAY’s innovative and inspiring new Acrobat Trust.


Mark Wintle –

Business Development Manager at WAY Trustees Ltd, Mark will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the great transfer of wealth, showcasing how strategic trusts can shield assets, ensure effective tax planning, and assist advisers with their approach to intergenerational wealth management.