Location: Preston Golf Club, Fulwood Hall Lane, Fulwood, PR2 8DD

When: Wednesday, 13th March 2024

Timings: 8:30am-10:30am

WAY Trustees Estate Planning Event
Places are limited so please book your space here: WAY Estate Planning Event – 13th March – Preston


Powerful Lifetime Planning Strategies

Discover how by working together, we can ensure the smooth transition of family wealth and how financial security can be secured for future generations.


Do you or your clients have a potential Inheritance Tax liability? Are they concerned about the financial security of their family in an ever-challenging world? Maybe they are starting to consider how best they can preserve family wealth for future generations?

As the boomer generation reach the end of their lives over the next 20 years, an unprecedented amount of family wealth will change ownership.

Whilst this represents an incredible opportunity for advisers and families alike, there is also the reality that much of this will not end up in the hand of those intended, without expert advice and guidance.

Professional advisers working together can achieve better client outcomes, come along to find out how.


Philip Anthony Associates

Philip Anthony Associates have been providing expert Will Writing and Estate Planning Services to Clients for over 20 years, providing support through the journey of writing and preparing a will, and any lasting powers of attorney documents.


WAY Trustees Limited

A Professional Trustee Service who offer a unique range of flexible reversionary trust solutions which can overcome the dilemma of giving away too much too soon whilst removing the complexities of administering and managing a trust.


By attending, you will be able to:
  • Identify Estate Planning opportunities.
  • Discover flexible planning strategies that can adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Successfully meet client’s objectives through collaboration.
  • Bring peace of mind to families about the smooth transition of wealth from one generation to the next
  • Keeping assets in the family by the effective use of lifetime trusts and professionally drafted Wills


Your Speakers:


John Humphreys –

Business Development Manager WAY Trustees Limited.

John has over 35 years experience in financial services. Since John joined WAY over 20 years ago, he has specialised in helping Financial Advisers to mitigate Inheritance Tax for their clients, whilst also protecting and preserving their ‘family wealth’ intergenerationally too.

John will introduce WAY’s range of flexible reversionary trusts, as a solution to the gifting dilemma and explain how the WAY Inheritor Trusts can mitigate Inheritance Tax, whilst protecting and preserving ‘family wealth’ intergenerationally and helping Financial Adviser’s to retain assets under advice intergenerationally too.


Philip Pamment –

Philip is a STEP qualified Estate Planner.

Philip’s journey into will writing and estate planning began over 20 years ago, and since then, he has worked with thousands of clients to give them the ability and peace of mind of preparing their Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and helping with Probate.

Philip recognises that his clients are looking for security for their family and loved ones when they are no longer around. He understands a dedicated professional is of paramount importance, hence his goal is to make this process as painless as possible, making this journey clear and easy for them and their family.

Not only does Philip have a large network of his own clients he also assists his friends and contacts in the wealth management sector to ensure their clients also have the correct planning in place. Philip is also the current chair of the BEST foundation which is a membership body for estate planning professionals.