Location: Newcastle Falcons, 11 Brunton Rd, Kenton Bank Foot, Newcastle upon Tyne NE13 8AF

When: Thursday 16th May 2024

Timings: 10:00am – 12 noon


Discover Our 5 Essential Insights to Successful Family Wealth Preservation

For over two decades, WAY Trustees Limited has been dedicated to safeguarding family wealth, ensuring a legacy that spans generations. In our journey, we’ve gathered invaluable insights that we’re eager to share with you. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our top 5 essential insights, curated to help you achieve your clients’ long-term financial aspirations and secure their future and that of their loved ones.


In collaboration with Peter H Collins of Late Life Planning (North) Ltd, we’ve organized an enlightening session designed to elevate your advisory services. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  1. Pillars of Foundation: Delve into the significance of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney as indispensable components supporting successful tax and estate planning strategies.
  1. Overcome the ‘Gifting Dilemma’: Understand the barriers hindering clients from making gifts into Trust during their lifetime and how to navigate through them effectively.
  1. Distrusting the In-Laws: Learn strategies to safeguard family wealth in the unfortunate event of divorce, ensuring assets remain within the family bloodline.
  1. Sideways Disinheritance!: Explore proactive measures to prevent family wealth from inadvertently leaving the family, particularly relevant in today’s context of blended families.
  1. Mitigate Inheritance Tax for 125 Years: Discover innovative intergenerational tax planning techniques spanning five generations, ensuring lasting financial security.


Additionally, our session will offer technical insights on:

  • Trusts vs Business Relief
  • Order of Gifts
  • Taper Relief
  • Periodic Charges
  • Safeguarding the Residential Nil Rate Band


As the boomer generation transitions over the next two decades, an unprecedented transfer of family wealth looms on the horizon. While this presents a remarkable opportunity for advisers and families alike, it also underscores the critical need for expert guidance to ensure assets reach their intended beneficiaries.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your advisory capabilities or explore our referred business model, our session promises invaluable knowledge to help you preserve and secure family wealth for future generations.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to unlock the secrets to long-term wealth preservation. Book your ticket and secure your please today.



WAY Trusteed Limited –

A Professional Trustee Service who offers a unique range of flexible trust solutions which can overcome the dilemma of giving away too much too soon whilst removing the complexities of administering and managing a trust.


John Humphreys – Business Development Manager at WAY Trustees Ltd.

John has over 35 years experience in financial services, working with professional advisers, specialising in family wealth preservation.

John helps clients overcome the ‘gifting dilemma’ by using WAY’s range of Flexible Reversionary Trusts, resulting in intergenerational tax planning, long term client relationships, and the retention of assets under management.


Late Life Planning (North) Ltd

Late Life Planning (North) Ltd specialise in helping clients to get their late life planning in order with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and Trusts. They also offer a fixed-price probate service to assist families to obtain probate. They are based in Chester-le-Street, County Durham and have clients across the North East.


Peter H Collins – Director of Late Life Planning (North) Ltd

Peter was a Financial Planner for 33 years, becoming a highly-qualified Chartered Financial Planner along the way. In 2015 he undertook a course to become a Member of the Society of Paralegals specialising in Estate Planning and subsequently became a Member of the Society of Will Writers. In 2018 Peter retired from Financial Planning, he now uses his decades of experience advising clients to ensure people have their Wills. Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts in place and also helping families to obtain probate when a loved one passes.



  • Registration will commence at 10:00am with hot drinks and breakfast provided.
  • Presentations will begin promptly at 10:30am and will run until 12 noon.


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